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Natural Tsavorite Garnet Gemstone | Green Tsavorites
History and general information- Green Tsavorite Garnet
Natural Tsavorite GarnetNatural rough tsavorite gemstone was discovered in the 1960’s in East Africa. African people used them as beads. Nowadays tsavorite garnet is used widely into various fancy fine tsavorite jewelry items like tsavorite rings and tsavorite bracelets.
Chemical composition
Green TsavoritesThe chemical composition of this grossularite group of garnet is  calcium aluminum silicate (Ca3 Al 2 {SiO4}3). The hardness of this natural green grossular variety of garnet gem on Mohs scale is 7.25 and it has vitreous polish luster. The specific gravity ranges from 3.57 to 3.65 and refractive index range falls between 1.739 and 1.744.
Physical properties


Tsavorite Garnet JewelryThe color of this brilliant natural green grossularite garnet crystal ranges from pale yellowish-green to mint green, natural green, medium green to intense rich emerald dark green. The color in the gemstone is mainly due to the mineral vanadium oxide. Due to its closeness to the dark green emerald in terms of color and better durability than the emerald gemstone, green tsavorite garnets have become very popular. However large tsavorites being rare can command exorbitant prices.


Russian Tsavorite GarnetFine quality excellent green tsavorite grossular garnet gems are mainly cut and faceted into round and oval  cut. However tsavorites can be cut and faceted in any shape like pear cut, trillion cut, octagon cut and other fancy cuts depending on crystal shape and quality. It is also cut in cabochons and set to make a tsavorite ring.


Natural Tsavorite GarnetLarge genuine tsavorite garnets are one of the rarest and most valuable garnet crystals for the green grossular garnet group. Gemstones of lesser  carats are more easily available and not as highly priced. This 50+ carat tsavorite garnet is rarely seen in the market these days and fetch very good price from the gemstone collectors.

Price and Buying of the Tsavorite Garnets
Tsavorite Garnet RingThe main consideration when buying a tsavorite garnet gem is its color, clarity and weight (carat). The cut of the tsavorite green garnet is important only if the gem is above one carat. The closer the color to the emerald green, the higher is the value of this garnet. Clean gemstones with no natural inclusions get a better price.

The yellowish green colored tsavorite garnet gemstones are not highly priced. Good sized pieces with good color, luster and clarity can cost from US$250 per carat and much more.


Synthetic tsavorites are not so popular because the genuine green tsavorite is fairly easily available. The popularity of the gem is more due to the closeness it has to the emerald in color. 
Markets and Producers
Tsavorite garnets are mined mainly in Kenya, Tanzania and in some parts of Pakistan. The mine owners, producers and dealers have taken a lot of efforts to popularize this gem.
Treatments done on Green Tsavorite Garnet
Tsavorite Garnet RoughIrradiation and heat are some of the treatments that may be done on green tsavorite garnets. However, the uniformity in color, brilliance and clarity of tsavorite garnets, very rarely needs a treatment to enhance or change the gem quality or make them bright. Thus in most cases the natural green tsavorite garnet is untreated and unheated.
Simulants of Tsavorites
Small sizes of tsavorite garnets are less expensive substitute for emeralds. Other simulants of this gemstone are tourmaline, zircon, spinel and apatite.
Interesting Trivia and other facts
Tsavorite JewelryTsavorite garnets by nature have few faint natural inclusions. Close inspection with the naked eye does not reveal any visible inclusions. With no inclusions visible, the fine dark green tsavorites serve to be good alternatives for the beautiful emerald.


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